Blue Plaque Scheme

The Shoreham Society operates a Blue Plaque scheme across Adur District to commemorate links between notable people of the past and local places at which they have lived or worked. Our scheme also celebrates contemporary buildings and significant places in Shoreham’s rich history.

How the Blue Plaque Scheme Works

We endeavour to install up to two plaques each year – one to commemorate a person and one to celebrate a building or structure. They are funded through the Shoreham Society with support from our partners and Adur District Council.


The Blue Plaque scheme is managed independently by a team of local people including a historian, architect and representatives from the Shoreham Society and Adur District Council.


We have based our scheme on guidance from English Heritage and adapted it to encompass Blue Plaques for places as well as people.

Selection Process

There is a strict selection process with evaluation criteria to guarantee independence, to reflect the diversity and richness of Shoreham’s heritage and to inspire the future for our environment and community.


A suggestion for a Blue Plaque can be made by members of the public or the Blue Plaque team. To start with, simply complete and send the form below with your suggestion. You will need to state whether it is for a Blue Plaque to commemorate a person, and if so who; or whether it is to celebrate a building or place, and if so what and where.


The team will decide whether more detailed consideration is due, and if so, ask you to submit a formal application for which they will provide you with guidance. They will only proceed if they believe that it has a good chance of meeting the criteria.


The Blue Plaque team will research the proposal, evaluate it against the criteria, and decide whether to approve the proposal. There may be several successful applications in any year, but as only one of each type, a person or a place, will be installed each year, the application may be deferred until a later date.

Two examples above of existing blue plaques in Adur District. There are several others commemorating notable people from the past and buildings and places, past and present.

Selection Criteria

For notable people from the past:

  • As a general rule a person must have been deceased for 20 Years or have passed the centenary of their birth. Fictional characters are not eligible.
  • Have lived in the area currently bounded by Adur District for a significant proportion of their life.
  • Have made an outstanding contribution to the lives of the people of Shoreham or to human welfare and happiness nationally or internationally.
  • Be considered eminent by a majority of members of their own profession.
  • Have lived or worked in the building concerned for a significant period in time or importance, within their life and work be recognisable to the well-informed passer-by, or deserve national recognition.

For buildings and places:

  • Proposals may be considered to celebrate new buildings of architectural merit, older buildings or structures that have been faithfully restored or sites worthy of public attention for their historical significance

With regards to the location of a Blue Plaque:

  • Blue Plaques commemorating people can only be erected on the actual building lived or worked in by the figure, not the site where the building once stood, or on buildings that have been radically altered.
  • A single person may not be commemorated with more than one blue plaque.
  • Buildings, structures or sites marked with Blue Plaques should be visible from the public highway or right of way.
  • The owner of the property at which a Blue Plaque is proposed to be installed must give their prior permission..
  • The consent of the Conservation Officer is necessary for Listed Buildings and Conservation Areas.

Suggest a Blue Plaque

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