Bringing People Together

Preserving Shoreham’s strong sense of community through changing times


Together, we can make change happen for the better.

Most people in Shoreham feel a part of the community, value its friendliness and enjoy its varied events and activities. But Shoreham is growing and changing. We should embrace change for the better and make everyone welcome in Shoreham.

The strong community spirit already here can be fostered and harnessed, with the Council’s support, for the benefit of everyone in Shoreham to share and enjoy. To ensure that Shoreham’s ‘heart’ beats strongly, we all need to focus on bringing diverse groups of people together.

Whether you’re young or old, new to Shoreham or have lived here a long time, join the Shoreham Society

Shoreham by Sea (A Poem)

A guest poem by local author and poet, Dick Dixon SHOREHAM BY SEA Shoreham by Sea, ohShoreham by Sea –Its glory, its beauty,Are wondrous to

Stows Hard
Stopping Up Order

This is a guest post by Kim Matthews, local author of “Down Channel – The Smacks and Mariners of The Shoreham Oyster Fishery”. The public

Creativity Unwrapped

Creativity Unwrapped Creativity Unwrapped is this year’s theme for the Heritage Open Days week-long celebration of history and culture taking place throughout England during 8-17

Growing for our Children’s Future

The Apron Community Garden is a creative community project in Buckingham Park. Its founder, Lis Long, will be giving a talk for the Shoreham Society

Marilyn Stafford, 1925 – 2023

It is with great sadness that we learned that Marilyn Stafford, who was 97, passed away at the beginning of 2023. Marilyn was a remarkable

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