On the Community Creatives Pink Plaque Trail over the weekend of 15-17 September we are celebrating those who engage and inspire others to take part in creative activities and have a positive impact on our community. Track down the pink plaques at locations venues across Shoreham town centre & over the Adur Ferry Bridge. Discover who Shoreham’s Community Creatives are and what they do. If you have a smart phone scan the plaque’s QR code to watch their videos & discover more.

Pick up a leaflet at Tomfoolery café on the High Street or The Tap House in East Street with this map and all the info about the other events taking place in Shoreham and across Adur District during the whole Heritage Open Days week from 8 to 17 September.

(For the sofa-surfers amongst you can just click on the images below and watch what our Community Creatives have to say from the comfort of your living room!)

Click the map to get the leaflet. (Thanks to Stephanie Young for the design!)

Hamish McKenzie

Known For: Climate protest which has led onto involvement with the Shoreham Poplar Front tree saving campaign and performing many times as lead vocals with the street protest band, The Agitators

Fun Fact: Houseboat Verda featured in the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition 2023

Pink Plaque Location: Shoreham Art Gallery, 27 Brunswick Road

Rosalind Turner

Known For: Programme Director of Shoreham Wordfest

Fun Fact: I grew up over one of the four newsagent shops started by my maternal grandfather Bob Savage, and we were known as the “Savages of Shrewsbury”.

Pink Plaque Location: The Tap House, 16-18 East Street

Dave O’Connell

Known For: Running the Shoreham Allstars young musicians collective since 2008

Fun Fact: In his spare time, Dave writes music in his sleep

Pink Plaque Location: Oakleys, 6 Brunswick Road

Cherry Tolcher

Known For: Love to Move and Dementia Friendly Pottery

Fun Fact: Aged 13, high jumped for Great Britain and has met Nadia Comaneci in Romania

Pink Plaque Location: Elsie & Betts, 34 East Street

Emily Philips

Known For: Running Over the Moon community arts organisation and setting up The Circular Space community creative reuse hub

Fun Fact: When I was a child I had a junk box in the bottom of my wardrobe filled with things I’d rescued and would craft into something new with my friends

Pink Plaque Location: Palate, 36 Brunswick Road

Jose Heasman

Known For: I am well known for making decorative stained glass table lamps

Fun Fact: Sadly I don’t own one, as people keep buying them!

Pink Plaque Location: Sheila’s Village Café, 5 Buckingham Road

Teresa and Abby Martin

Known For: Sculpture installations around South of England gardens and festivals

Fun Fact: We have a tortoise ha-haw (or fosse) to prevent trip hazards on route to our garden workshop.

Pink Plaque Location: Tomfoolery, 6 High Street

Julia Daintree

Known For: Running Community Choirs

Fun Fact: My nickname was Killer Gorilla when I was younger. I’m glad it hasn’t stuck!

Pink Plaque Location: Shoreham Community Centre, Pond Road

Christine Howitt and Kim-Adele Fuller

Known For: A painter and a glass artist we were part of a small group of artists who formed to fund, organise and develop the Adur Art Trail in 2010

Fun Fact: We are known to some as ‘The Two Bobs’. Watch the video to find out more about Adur Art Collective and the reason for the nickname

Pink Plaque Location: Marlipins Museum, High Street

Anne Hodgson

Known For: Work at the Ropetackle for last 20 years.

Fun Fact: She taught David Essex who said it was the school from hell

Pink Plaque Location: Chapter 34 Bookshop, 34 Brunswick Road

Emma Snowdon

Known For: I am a local artist who paints using acrylic ink and gold leaf and since 2020 have been delivering Inclusive Arts Workshops at the Shoreham Centre to people over 70

Fun Fact: I like singing Kate Bush songs

Pink Plaque Location: Ropetackle, Little High Street

Crimson Wales

Known For: Artist, Curator, Community Arts Leader, Art History Graduate

Fun Fact: I paint in the middle of the night whilst the town sleeps

Pink Plaque Location: Neighbourhood Store, 16 High Street

Paul Osborne and Roger Bateman

Known For: Publishing 400 articles and over 4000 images on the shorehambysea.com local history site over the last 18 years

Pink Plaque Location: The Living Room, 4 High Street

Mary Murphy

Known For: Singing in SingWell choir and for being a poetry writer and spoken word performer

Fun Fact: If I could only eat one type of food for the rest of my life it would be vegetables

Pink Plaque Location: Shoreham Pottery, New Road

Richard Durrant

Known For: Concert guitarist, recording artist, composer and strong advocate of music literacy

Fun Fact: Richard performs barefoot

Pink Plaque Location: The Pad, 11a East Street

Carolyn Shrosbree

Known For: SOLD & enabling others to produce original artwork on a range of beautiful unique products

Fun Fact: Brilliant art with a difference by brilliant artists with learning differences!

Pink Plaque Location: Cotts and Linz Ice Cream Café, 7 Ferry Road

Stephanie Young

Known For: Graphic designer & creator of many things…

Fun Fact: I once swam for St Albans County

Pink Plaque Location: The White House, 35 East Street

Alice Maplesden and Katy Harris

Known For: Community Pottery

Fun Fact: Keith Brymer-Jones, from The Great Pottery Throw Down, came to visit in July 2023

Pink Plaque Location: Alchemy Antiques, 24 East Street

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Last modified: November 22, 2023