A controversial planning application for the Kingston Wharf site in Brighton Road, Shoreham, which was deferred for design modifications, has been approved. The proposal is for 255 flats in three blocks from four to eight storeys, plus a mixed-use business centre.

There were strong representations by the Shoreham Society, Adur Green Party and the Liberal Democrats for a re-think going beyond just the look of the buildings – they pressed for changes to make the development more carbon neutral, more environmentally sustainable and less likely to cause undue strain on the local infrastructure. 

It was also pointed out that eight storeys exceeds the five-storey guideline of the official Shoreham Harbour regeneration plan. 

The Shoreham Society’s written submission can be viewed by downloading this pdf document.

Adur Council’s planning committee had a long debate but finally decided (by the chairperson’s casting vote) to allow the development. Details of the planning application are available on this council website, quoting ref AWDM/0204/20.

Other controversial plans for major developments along Brighton Road include those at the Howard Kent site west of the lifeboat station; the New Wharf site opposite Halfords, where proposals are for 100 flats up to 20 storeys high; and Free Wharf, the former Minelco site, with buildings up to eight storeys and a total of 540 new homes.(artist’s impression below).

HISTORY: Brighton Road sites earmarked for redevelopment in 2012 and included in the Adur Local Plan and the Shoreham Harbour Joint Action Plan. Local residents and organisations have consistently raised concerns about building heights and strain on local infrastructure. Free Wharf planning application approved January 2018, with minor changes applied for in December 2020. Kingston Wharf application submitted in February 2020 and revised in June.

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Last modified: June 28, 2021