The Festival of Spring is a series of online talks by inspirational people who love nature and the Sussex countryside. It is being organised by CPRE Sussex, the countryside charity.

On various Tuesday and Wednesday evenings throughout February and March 2023, the CPRE’s Festival of Spring talks provide a complementary theme to the Shoreham Society’s monthly events. As we focus on local Shoreham topics across a broad spectrum of issues, the CPRE is all about “shaping a greener future” across the whole of Sussex.

Here are the four CPRE Festival of Spring talks planned for February and March. You can find out more about the whole programme and book your tickets for any of the talks on the website of CPRE Sussex Festival of Spring. All events are £5.00 for CPRE Members, £8.00 for Non-members £8.00, and £1 for Concessions.

Rewilding an Urban Garden

Dr Gerry Maguire Thompson, local author, humourist & rewilder
Discover insights, surprises and delights – sprinkled with wonderful humour – as Gerry tells his garden rewilding story of glorious nature returning to his small Shoreham garden. This talk is not just for town and city dwellers – garden rewilding is for us all.
Tuesday, 7th February, 7pm

Encounters with Arctic Wolves

Dr Roger Smith, Trustee, CPRE Sussex
Join Dr Roger Smith to hear about his fascinating 1994 expedition to the Blue Mountains, Ellesmere Island, High Arctic, Canada, May to August 1994. This incredible landscape is now under threat from climate change and studies such as this have a crucial role to play in understanding these impacts and what will be lost.
Tuesday, 28th February, 7pm

Sussex Kelp Restoration

Henri Brocklebank, Sussex Wildlife Trust
Be inspired and find out all about this ambitious and hope-filled Sussex coast ecosystem restoration project and why kelp is so important to marine rewilding. This pioneering project puts people at its heart and aims to restore almost 200 square kilometres of lost Sussex kelp forest and recover our Sussex marine ecosystems for people and for wildlife.
Wednesday, 1st March, 7pm

Kelp in sunlight

Batty About Bats

Amanda Millar, the Sussex Bat Group
Amanda has been rescuing bats for 20 years and taking in an increasing number of pups and juveniles from surrounding counties which she rehabilitates prior to release; being the main bat rehabilitation centre in Sussex and the South East.
Wednesday 15th March, 7pm

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Last modified: February 1, 2023