Getting Around in Shoreham

Dealing with the tensions and challenges of traffic, parking, cycling and public transport


Less traffic. Safe cycle routes. People-friendly streets.

Traffic concerns people in Shoreham more than anything else – its impact on health, the environment and the general quality of life. 

The uncontrolled growth of traffic is a major threat to the future well-being of Shoreham unless effective action is taken. Practical steps are needed to reduce traffic, manage it better, deal with the parking chaos, make the centre more pedestrian-friendly, and promote alternatives to cars for getting around in Shoreham.

Help us campaign to improve transport and access for all in and around Shoreham by joining us in the Shoreham Society and making your voice heard.

Railway subway campaign stepped up

The Shoreham Society is renewing pressure on Southern Railway and Network Rail to make the Shoreham station subway easily accessible from the street, allowing non-railway-users

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