Follow the Gadget Trail around the shops, cafés and other locations in Shoreham on 17th and 18th September during the Heritage Open Days weekend. Each participating venue will be displaying a “gadget”, old or new, common or rare, useful or perhaps not!, but definitely fascinating and challenging to figure out what they all are.

So, start guessing right now from the pictures here. Download and print a Gadget Trail sheet so you can write down all your guesses. And when you’re ready to head out on the Gadget Trail over the weekend make sure to follow the Gadget Trail map so you don’t miss out any locations. There’s a prize to win!

What are they? Find out on the Gadget Trail.

? See at Affordable Flooring
? See at Tomfoolery
? See at The Living Room
? See at The Tap House
? See at The Tap House
? See at Alchemy Antiques
? See at Photal Gallery
? See at Palate
? See at Shoreham Carpet Centre
? See at Shoreham Art Gallery
? See at Shoreham Port Kitchen
? See at Shoreham Port Kitchen
? See at Shoreham RNLI Station
? See at Ropetackle
? See at Giant
? See at The Pad Clothing
? See at Black Flamingo
? See at Shoreham Station
? See at Kutchenhaus
? See at SOLD
? See at Hectors Shed
? See at The Shoreham Centre
? See at The Neighbourhood Store
Click image to download and print

Completed Gadget Trail sheets should be put in the box at The Tap House, East Street by 5pm on Sunday and the winner will be contacted by Friday 23rd September.

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Last modified: September 15, 2022