Loving Where We Live

Protecting Shoreham’s natural environment of river, beach and Downs now and for the future


It’s our greatest asset. And our highest priority.

Everyone in Shoreham agrees that the environment of Shoreham is vitally important. Over-development, lack of infrastructure, increased traffic and poor building design all potentially threaten the environment of Shoreham.  We need to protect and conserve the green spaces, wildlife, sea and rivers that are part of Shoreham – more plastic free, less cars, wider paths, cycle lanes and recycling bins on the street.

The Shoreham Society will press the Council into considering the wider environmental and social factors when assessing new development plans. If you care about environmental issues in Shoreham-by-Sea, then join up and make your voice heard. 

Shoreham Port – Our Future

Shoreham Port is a Trust port playing a leading role in transforming the local and regional economy towards a sustainable future. Their heritage traces back

Planning and Biodiversity

This year, the 2017 Adur Local Plan will be reviewed and its horizon extended for a further five years to 2037. As part of the

Can you give a home to a Birch Tree?

The Birch Tree Project is a local tree planting initiative. Surplus trees from Ashdown Forest are lifted (bare root) and transplanted or ‘tree-located’. Usually the

Park Avenue Trees

Over two years ago two couples from Park Avenue, Shoreham-by-Sea heard an inspirational talk at a meeting of the Shoreham Society about the planting of

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