Loving Where We Live

Protecting Shoreham’s natural environment of river, beach and Downs now and for the future


It’s our greatest asset. And our highest priority.

Everyone in Shoreham agrees that the environment of Shoreham is vitally important. Over-development, lack of infrastructure, increased traffic and poor building design all potentially threaten the environment of Shoreham.  We need to protect and conserve the green spaces, wildlife, sea and rivers that are part of Shoreham – more plastic free, less cars, wider paths, cycle lanes and recycling bins on the street.

The Shoreham Society will press the Council into considering the wider environmental and social factors when assessing new development plans. If you care about environmental issues in Shoreham-by-Sea, then join up and make your voice heard. 

The Adur Estuary

On Friday 19 April we are pleased to welcome Richard Allan and Tony Benton from the Shoreham District Ornithological Society to give a talk about

Shoreham Street Trees

Do you have a favourite tree near your home that pleases you endlessly? Are you looking forward to the spring burst of leaf and blossom?

Community Orchards in Adur

This guest post is by Jenni Cresswell from Brighton Permaculture Trust which has been planting orchards with communities across Sussex for over 15 years. Traditional

Rewilding an Urban Garden

Local author Gerry Maguire Thompson is giving a talk for the Shoreham Society about his book, Rewilding an Urban Garden: An Illustrated Diary of Nature’s

Buckingham Park Nature Boards

On Wednesday 2nd August an unveiling event was held in Buckingham Park for two Nature Boards, one by the children’s playground and a second one

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