Marilyn Stafford is a remarkable British photographer who lives in Shoreham-by-Sea. She worked mainly as a freelance photojournalist based in Paris in the 1950s and early 1960s, then in London, travelling to Lebanon, Tunisia, India and elsewhere. Her work was published in The Observer and other newspapers. Stafford also worked as a fashion photographer in Paris, where she photographed models in the streets in everyday situations, rather than in the more usual opulent surroundings.

She has recently published a retrospective of her work, “Marilyn Stafford: A Life in Photography”, encompassing a wide selection of photographs from her international archive spanning five decades from 1948-1983.

Marilyn gave an online Shoreham Network talk, with the help of her daughter, Lina Clerke, for the Shoreham Society on 6th December 2021. This is her story … it is truly remarkable.

If you would like to buy a copy of Marilyn Stafford: A Life in Photography, please visit her website, where you can contact her to request one.

The retail price of the book, published by Bluecoat Press, is £32.00. It is 228 pages, 270 x 290mm, and printed b/w and colour.

There are also Silver Gelatin prints of a selection of her photographs available for sale.

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Last modified: December 15, 2021