This year, the 2017 Adur Local Plan will be reviewed and its horizon extended for a further five years to 2037. As part of the review the Council is required to “address a range of issues such as nature conservation and restoration, open space and green infrastructure, and climate change mitigation and adaptation”. See Jennifer Ryan’s interesting blog on the Council’s website for more information.

To help the Shoreham Society focus our ideas and opinions on this, we have asked Laura Brook, a Conservation Officer with Sussex Wildlife Trust, to give a Shoreham Network talk and lead a discussion on the role of biodiversity in Shoreham’s future.

The Sussex Wildlife Trust actively engages in the planning process as a “voice for wildlife”. In her talk, Laura will cover some of the drivers used in a policy context such as the National Planning Policy Framework and how the newly ascented Environment Act will look to drive forward Biodiversity Net Gain. She will explain how we can get involved and influence planning for the benefit of biodiversity.

As Laura says, “now is the time for us to get engaged in the Adur Local Plan review process and stand up for wildlife”.

The talk and discussion, “Planning and the biodiversity of Shoreham-by-Sea”, takes place on Friday, 21st January at 7.30pm on Zoom: and is free to attend.

It’s a must for anyone who values the natural environment of our town and how to make it better.

Full event details are here.

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Last modified: January 16, 2022