Living in Shoreham, we have quickly become used to seeing Rampion 1 and even judging what the weather will be from what we can or cannot see of it. Many of us admire the symmetry and silence of this offshore energy generation, and are pleased to see that nature has recovered so well where the cables come onshore, but do we really need more?

Recent tragic events in Ukraine are highlighting how important energy self-sufficiency is, and the quickening pace of climate collapse lends ever more urgency to the need to move away from fossil fuels to a low carbon economy.

As the windiest country in Europe, the UK is well placed to benefit from wind energy being the cheapest form of energy generation and the most advanced renewable technology. But what is being planned?

Area Map of Rampion 2

Between 8 and 14 miles off the Sussex coast, the Rampion 2 proposals are for up to 116 turbines – the same number operating at Rampion, also 8 miles offshore at its closest point.

With an agreed grid connection in Sussex, Rampion 2 only requires a single connection into the transmission grid. By generating near where the power will be used, Rampion 2 will limit the need for even more onshore electricity infrastructure and reduce transmission losses that occur when power has to travel great distances.

It is the only wind farm in development off the UK’s south coast.

The proposed Rampion 2 area presented by the project team for the formal consultation in 2021.

What Will the Benefits Be?

This second scheme may seem hot on the heels of Rampion but is a full decade behind. Significant technological improvements including larger turbines mean that it could generate three times the power with an electrical capacity of 1,200 megawatts. Rampion 2 would produce clean, green electricity for the equivalent of over 1 million homes and save almost 2 million tonnes of CO2 every year for 30 years, all in addition to what Rampion already provides. It will also create jobs during construction and operations, and use local businesses and suppliers, where possible.

Rampion 2 will look at creating a community benefit fund in Sussex as it did with Rampion, which has already spent £1.6 million to support 114 community projects from its £3.1 million Rampion Fund.

If you’d like to learn more/ ask questions about the scheme, save the evening of October 21st for a Shoreham Society talk, given by Chris Tomlinson, Rampion 2 Development & Stakeholder Manager, who has had over 20 years working in the wind industry.

Shoreham Centre, Room 3, 7.00pm, Friday October 21. This will be a hybrid in-person and online Zoom talk.

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Last modified: August 4, 2022