A guest poem by local author and poet, Dick Dixon


Shoreham by Sea, oh
Shoreham by Sea –
Its glory, its beauty,
Are wondrous to see.

Not always raining,
Not always cold –
The south’s microclimate
Is simply pure gold.

The locals are friendly,
When filled with strong ale,
And always help strangers
If they’re caught in a gale.

And the river’s so lovely,
One week in July;
If you want to meet canines,
There’ll be no need to try.

I’ve heard all the stories,
Or maybe tall tales –
Of fantastic creatures
That roam in North Wales.

And the wonderful lives
Pursued in Peru,
If you can believe it –
I doubt that it’s true.

But then there is Brisbane,
Where the moon’s upside down,
If that’s an attraction –
It just makes me frown.

And surely you’ve pondered
That shining Atlantis;
You just need to find it –
Some task they say that is!

And hallowed is Yorkshire –
God’s country they say,
Though cold day and night.
And black sheep bar your way.

When you boil it all down,
To brass tacks or the like,
You may as well go
And just jump on your bike.

All roads seem to lead there;
You’ll be glad you are free,
To whizz the short distance
To Shoreham by Sea.

Shoreham by Sea, oh
Shoreham by Sea –
So bracing, south-facing,
And in time for tea!

See all of Dick Dixon’s books at www.dick-dixon.com. © Dick Dixon 2/1/2023

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Last modified: January 1, 2024