West Sussex County Council is once again asking for opinions on much-needed improvements for cycling and walking across the county.

This time around, there are three areas up for discussion:

  • Chichester
  • A259 Brighton Road, in Shoreham
  • Lancing and Sompting

Shoreham’s section of the survey deals with the A259, from the Adur Ferry Bridge to Portslade, but does not include Shoreham High Street.

We suggest that anyone in Shoreham who uses this road (and who doesn’t from time to time?) completes the WSCC online survey at https://yourvoice.westsussex.gov.uk/cycling-improvements. It’s relevant to all cyclists, walkers, public transport and private vehicle users. The deadline is 12th April.

Why you should do the survey…

The A259, from Shoreham to Portslade, has long been recognised as an important (but currently unsafe) cycle route, primarily for commuters, but partly for south coast leisure tourers trying to follow the convoluted route of National Cycle Network’s Route 2. There’s an added need to address this important road, given the coming construction of hundreds of new homes along the Western Harbour Arm as far as the lifeboat station.

The A259 creates an important connection with Brighton & Hove, whose seafront cycle route is heavily used. Many Shoreham people make regular journeys to our neighbouring city. Proposals for the A259 are in addition to those for Upper Shoreham Road. Our district needs a network of multiple routes. This new consultation can support that goal.

Brighton Road at Shoreham Harbour © John Fielding geograph.org.uk/p/2352672 (cropped) cc-by-sa/2.0

…with some help from Shoreham-By-Cycle

Certain parts of the consultation are clear and straightforward, while some parts do not explain the options and proposals as well as they might. Many questions are self-explanatory, but there are some that need particular attention.

Shoreham-By-Cycle have put together a few pointers and recommendations you may want to bear in mind when you complete the survey. We strongly recommend you take a look at their highly informative article (some of which we have cribbed here, with their permission).


Many thanks to Adam Bronkhorst of Shoreham-By-Cycle for the words for this article. It’s all about #havingalocalsay on #gettingaroundinshoreham.

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Last modified: March 16, 2022