When a new development is announced people often ask how the developers are going make a positive contribution and give back to the local community. Developments that have a significant impact on the local area provide Section 106 funding towards things like health services, education, fire services and policing. Although extra money is always welcome, funds can get lost in larger budgets, take time to deliver benefits and sometimes their best intentions prove controversial – the Meads being an example of the latter. So how can developers quickly deliver something tangible and enriching?

The remembrance message and artwork on the development in West Street is a thoughtful example of how developers can enrich our environment during construction. It just quietly appeared without a corporate PR machine loudly announcing it across local media – much to the delight of those living nearby and others emerging from the twitten that connects West Street and Victoria Road. Imagine if other developers followed their lead to display 4 or 5 storey high artworks during construction. They could reproduce famous works of art – a 90 foot version of van Gogh’s sunflowers – or better still, display the work of local artist. Check out some of our fabulous local artists at the adurArtcollective. Instead of the Western Harbour Arm just becoming one large building site from Frosts to the lighthouse, it could also be an outdoor gallery.

Remembrance message and artwork on development in West Street

We all want developers of major sites to fund more school places, more GPs and alike – these are critically important – but we also need things to make us smile, or think, or just be proud to live in Shoreham. What are your thoughts and ideas?

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Last modified: November 12, 2021