Most Shoreham residents love the town and strongly feel part of the community, according to an open survey by the Shoreham Society. But some residents, particularly new ones and minorities, do not share that sense of belonging, and the Society’s committee is exploring ways to make them feel more welcome.

The widely-publicised survey attracted 668 responses from throughout the town, with 2,700 individual comments about what people like – and don’t like – about living in Shoreham.

Although most residents indicated a generally high level of satisfaction, several recurring concerns emerged, which the Shoreham Society says it will use to set future priorities and activities.

Among the main concerns raised were:
  > Traffic problems
  > Environmental issues, including pollution
  > Lack of influence over planning decisions.

Many respondents also felt the town’s commercial centre needs an uplift with a better range of shops, improved access and a more welcoming physical environment.Download the survey report

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Last modified: October 25, 2021