What if we could imagine what we would like Shoreham to be like in say, 10 years time? And then, what if we could actually make it happen? What would we need to do? And how might we go about that?

Shoreham, like everywhere really, is a town in transition. Some things we like about that. Some things we don’t. But change will happen, must happen, whether we like it or not. And that’s because the way things have increasingly become are simply no longer sustainable.

What might we have to relinquish? How do we make our town resilient in the face of future challenges? What already exists that we should protect and nurture? What could usefully be restored? And what needs to be created?

Change will happen, but that’s not to say it will happen despite us. Quite the contrary: the members of the Shoreham Society can have a huge influence on the evolution of our town in the future, just as we have in the past campaigned successfully to preserve and enhance the best of its heritage.

From What is to What if?

But the Shoreham Society can’t do this on our own. We have to team up with all sorts of other local groups, organisations, campaigns, businesses and public bodies who share our positive vision of Shoreham’s future.

That’s why we have invited the Transition Town Shoreham group to run a short workshop for us as the first event in our new “Visions of Shoreham” programme starting on Friday October 15th. Leonie Harmsworth and Pauline Rutter from the Transition Town Shoreham group will be our guides for an interactive evening to explore questions like:

Ideas for a future Shoreham from children at our Summer Festival
  • What if we could create a positive vision of Shoreham in 2030?
  • What would Shoreham look like if what we wanted to happen now, actually did happen?
  • What will people be doing in 2030? And who will they be?
  • How will we be getting about in 2030? And where will we be going?
  • What will it sound like? What will it feel like?

If these questions inspire you, challenge you or simply puzzle you, then why not join in for an evening with others – exploring and imagining what Shoreham could be like in 10 years time.

Shoreham Centre, 7pm, Friday October 15th.
(£2 members £3 non-members).
More details here.

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Last modified: September 29, 2021