Enter a photo of your favourite tree in Shoreham for the Shoreham Tree Picture Competition. It could be in your garden, in the street or a park nearby. It could be an unusual tree or have a special significance for Shoreham. Or maybe just a photo you like of any tree in Shoreham.

The winning tree picture will be chosen by everyone who comes to the Shoreham Street Trees talk on Friday 16 February 2024 at 7pm in the Shoreham Centre. There’s a prize to be won!

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Some of our favourite trees…

This iconic tree symbolises the Community Spirit in Shoreham and how environmental activists, under the #shorehampoplarfront, prevented this Grey Poplar from being felled.
Not so much my favourite tree, just one of my favourite photos of a tree putting on a remarkable display of winter frost in January 2021. It’s one of the trees that line Brighton Road by the Adur Rec.
Buckingham park
East side
Looking south
So beyond obsessed with this magical tree! A betula pendula “youngii”, or Young’s weeping birch tree. Even on a drab grey day it strikes an amazing presence, under the long curved branch of the HUGE oak tree. I love colour, but I think black and white just pips it this time. Almost skeletal, moody and ethereal, especially with the wonky gravestone in the foreground.
This is a tree in Buckingham Park which started life in our garden. The night of the 1987 hurricane 120 trees were lost in the park, so the park keepers asked if anyone had any trees that could be donated to replace them. We had a small Larch so dug it up and I walked around to the park with it in a wheelbarrow. The park keepers duly planted it and it has thrived to this day.
I walk in Buckingham Park most days with my dog. This is my favourite tree in the park. It’s just beautiful, very majestic, love its silhouette especially against a blue sky or at dusk.
Just across the road from my house on the river bank. During periods of recuperation from flu, COVID, and long COVID, when I’ve only been able to totter a few steps, this tree has been there as a reminder that nature keeps going, despite everything we are doing.
This is a ribbonwood that I grew from a sapling and planted on Adur Rec with my wife Louise on our 15th wedding anniversary. It is native to New Zealand and very likely the only example in Shoreham.
This is a tree I first saw on Lockdown walks, on the Downs behind Holmbush. A solitary tree for a solitary time.
At the corner of my (treeless) street The Meadway and Shingle Road. I love it because it demonstrates that in spite of the harsh conditions it endures there, so close to the shore, it has obviously stood for many years. An inspiration to plant more on the Beach surely!
This is the enormous lime tree in the centre of Connaught Avenue’s linear green that runs up the centre of the road. Perhaps not so impressive at this time of year as in the spring, it has glorious bright green foliage and profuse flowers. I enjoy looking at it every time I walk out of my home..

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The Shoreham Street Trees talk on Friday 16 February 2024 is all about trees and how you can enhance where you live with more trees. Find out more about it.

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Last modified: February 16, 2024