Valuing Our Local Heritage

Remembering the past, to influence the future – for the better


A magnificent history with huge change. Embrace the future.

For a small town, Shoreham is a place with a long history, a wide influence and a great future.

St Mary de Haura church was built soon after the Norman Conquest, and even before that the Saxons had a settlement and church in “Old Shoreham”. Then, “New Shoreham” became a significant port by the 12th century. Its customs house was certainly built to last. But did the builders imagine that one day it would become the oldest secular building in Britain – and transformed into the Marlipins Museum? Probably not, but then neither did the creators of an aerodrome by the Adur in the early 20th century expect that over a century later Shoreham Airport would become the oldest airport in the UK!

When we look back through our heritage we see people creating the future – our present. What we create today becomes tomorrow’s heritage. Let’s make sure that future generations celebrate what we are doing now, and not that they bewail it.


Read our brief history of Shoreham and timeline from the Romans to the present day.

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